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Mission Statement

Patron Empowerment is a launch pad for ideas. These ideas are mostly aimed but not limited to internet based themes. Our approach is to focus on the needs of others and how to solve their problems. We believe that if we can help others be successful in business or in life that we can share in that success emotionally and financially. Our name states our mission which is to give people the power to accomplish goals, fulfill dreams, and make the lives of all we touch better and happier.


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Music Creators create their own Music Streaming Company!

Music Creators Run the Company: Instead of arguing and fighting with streaming companies and congress about fair compensation, we have decided to simply create our own company. Creators will be in charge of bringing the company to a profit. Creators will be the beneficiaries of these profits. Creators make the rules and Creators decide their own compensation.

Songs start with Songwriters!

The streaming industry claims that they often don’t know who the copyright owners of songs are or what the shares are of each therefore they can’t pay songwriters and song publishers. Our system starts with a way for songwriters to register themselves and make their profiles visible to the music industry.

Songwriter Accounts

The songwriter has the ability to register the songs they have written and digitally offer them to singers and publishers for recording consideration.

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Artist Accounts

Singers and Bands can create artist accounts where they find all the tools they need to promote themselves including: Website builder, Song Recording Registration, and many other tools that help create the best artist/fan connection.

Royalty Tracking

Artist’s recordings and songwriter’s compositions are linked together in the software. Music creators are able to define every songwriter, publisher, label and all parties that deserve compensation. No streaming company can ever say again that they did not know who to pay.


Music creators have all the tools they need to develop fans, provide great entertainment and be justly compensated for all their efforts. It truly is a rebellion.  A Rhythmic Rebellion!

About Us

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Greg E Allen was born in 1964 and raised in a little town called Pelham in Southwest Georgia. His father was in finance and furniture. At age 14, when he wasn’t feeding the cows on their 100 acre farm, he was delivering furniture or taking credit applications. He graduated from Pelham High School in 1982 and attended Valdosta State College. Being a songwriter, guitarist and pianist, Greg got his chance to be a full time “on the road” musician (the summer of 1984) and he followed his dream knowing that college would wait. After touring four years he signed a recording contract with Curb Records in 1988 and moved to Nashville, TN. His song Wait and Break My Heart Tomorrow made it onto the sound track of a movie named Mac and Me. Unfortunately the movie was not a hit and the song got no traction. In 1992 Greg joined his father in the finance business. They soon turned his father’s single location into five. In August of 2003 in an effort to grow the business, Greg came up with the idea for his first startup. Okinus was incorporated in 2004 for the purpose of offering furniture financing to customers current ly being denied. This was offered at furniture stores around the United States. Over the next 12 years revenues soared with the best years topping out at near 80 million dollars a year. In July of 2016 Greg release his first music album under the name Rhythmic Radiation. Titled “Laughter, Love, Desire & Pain”, Greg was able to mark this off his bucket list. In August of 2016 Greg retired from Okinus. Free to chase other dreams Greg decided to form Patron Empowerment as a foundation to explore new ideas and startups. Through the end of 2016 Greg studied many of the popular computer programming languages and educated himself with every article he could read about the state of the music industry and streaming. In January of 2017 Patron Empowerment was registered with the State of Georgia and a trade mark of the name was registered with the USPTO. Greg formed a programming team and well….the rest of the story is now being written.

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We are the team of enthusiasts and a part of the big learning organization striving for perfection.
We are all for the promotion of the strict engineering and project management practices and frameworks, such as TDD, CI/CD, pair programming, collective code ownership, and SCRUM.We are always at the cutting edge of the technologies, wisely incorporating them in the project.

We cherish our members and facilitate their learning. Being with us brings not only a great financial reward but also the unique opportunity for a rapid professional growth not known in other organizations.

Who we need

Backend Developers Frontend Developers

Can follow a disciplined Agile/Scrum software development process in task estimation, design, development, code reviews, unit/integration testing and defect fixing.

  • 3+ years of relevant experience in software development
  • Strong PHP: native skills
  • Experience with Laravel framework
  • SQL and NoSQL Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc
  • Version Control (GIT)
  • Experience with TDD
  • Intermediate level of English
  • 3+ years of relevant experience in software development
  • Strong JavaScript: native skills
  • Experience with Angular framework
  • CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap/Foundation
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Version Control (GIT)
  • Experience with TDD
  • Building and Automation tools: webpack/babel etc
  • Intermediate level of English

Join us!

Your job is to help us improve and add to what we have created and to help us provide the most amazing musical experience a fan could dream of.
Do you feel ready to join us? You are welcome!